Our Team

Cindy Stephen

Cindy Stephen

Holds an MBA and Master’s degree in International Management, and is the founder of International Culinary Tours. As a tour operator for over 30 years specializing in creating unique, International travel experiences for those interested in Tennis, Food, Wine, and Cooking, Cindy has traveled extensively worldwide sharing her insights with her clients.


Heather Testerman

Heather, studio owner and dazzling Jack-of- All-Trades, grew up here in South Orange County. She spent the better part of her twenties traveling the world and working as a pastry chef. A work injury; lead Heather to discovering the practice of Pilates. Upon seeing its benefits she felt compelled to share it with others. It was perfect timing for a career change as Heather was a new mom. Becoming a Pilates Instructor allowed her to plant roots and raise her family in the community she loved. Today, she enjoys sharing the benefits of Pilates in one of the four pure Pilates studio locations, and she is a brand ambassador for lululemon, when not in the studio though you will still find her whipping something up in the kitchen @purepilatesoc @midnitebakeroc


Heather led her first tour with us to Southwest France, staying at Chateau Ladausse while doing Pilates every day.


Juli Rinefort

Juli has been involved working  in the “fitness world” for well over 20 years.  She started in group fitness as an instructor and moved to  specializing in prenatal exercise for many years.  She owned a small business in Los Angeles called Club Mom Workout. A specialized  fitness program for pregnant women and new moms in various locations including an in-hospital facility. She then took some time off teaching to have her own family.  Eventually Juli went back to teaching but had found her own yoga practice and decided to get certified.  She is a certified E-RYT 500-hr Teacher and Lifepower Yoga Teacher Trainer.


Juli has co-led about 7 200-hr trainings for Lifepower Yoga  where she is a faculty member.


She has also lead travel yoga retreats with International Culinary Tours including the Spain Camino, Morocco and Tuscany, Italy. According to Juli, practicing yoga in exotic lands is the perfect way to help students deepen their yoga journey.  Juli currently teaches about 15 classes a week including studio, corporate, and private clients, @julirinefort

Pam Wood

Pam Wood

Pamela Wood, a Certified Sommelier, is the CEO & Director of Education for Culinary Wine Institute. Pamela is one of only 447 Certified Wine Educators worldwide, in addition, she is an American Wine Expert, Italian Wine Central Ambassador, and Founder of Park City Wine Club, in Park City, Utah.


A love of world history, travel and enjoying wine has led Pamela to her passion in life, learning and sharing wine with others. Since 2011, Pamela has been enjoying and educating others on wine through, tasting, educational experiences and wine travel tours. “The world of wine has something for everyone.”


Pam loves our small group- size tours and finds them unique, fun, memorable and of course a delicious blend of – Culture, Cuisine and Wine! Pam has led tours for us to Southwest France, Basque region of Spain and Tuscany and Puglia, Italy as well, @pcwineclub.