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Since 1990, we have been providing our guests unique and memorable experiences. Our goal has been to give our guests an experience that allows them to discover the destination by exploring the unfamiliar and immersing themselves in age-old traditions and cultures.


All of our Culinary Tours will include at least two days of cooking classes that will also include visits to the local markets. In addition to these classes, we will be exploring the respective areas to sample some of the region’s artisan delicacies. Visits to unique wineries always include tastings and discussions with the wine maker. We have also included flea markets in our itineraries for those looking for a memento of the past or the one-of-a-kind collector’s item that our guests can use or display upon their return home.


Our tours are small and personalized with less than 16 guests for our European tours, 12 for our Asia tours. They always include carefully selected private guides and transportation. This allows us to tailor our itineraries to meet the needs and desires of each group. The itineraries for each country have been created to maximize the experience and emphasize the highlights of each region that we explore. We want our tours to be a memorable experience for each guest, which is why we also provide the flexibility for our guests to explore on their own.


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Cindy Stephan

International Culinary Tours

Cindy Stephan

Holds an MBA and Master’s degree in International Management, and is the founder of International Culinary Tours. As a tour operator for over 25 years specializing in creating unique, International travel experiences for those interested in Tennis, Food, Wine and Cooking, Cindy has traveled extensively worldwide sharing her insights with her clients.